Dermillume Precision Light Therapy

Powerful Medical Light Therapy For Your

Practice and Clients

Improve Your Current Skin Care Treatments with Dermillume Phototherapy

Dermillume Ultimate Handheld!

Covers 15.9 Square Inches

Blue, Red, NIR for Acne Treatments,
Red only for Scars & Rosacea
Red, NIR For Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Intense Red, NIR for Healing

  • 15.9 Square Inches - Covers Half The Face- 136 LEDs
  • Super Bright LEDs Blue 405nm, Red 660nm, NIR 940nm
  • Anti-Aging Program Red & Near InfraRed - Just 2 Minutes
  • Rosacea Program with Red Only- Just 2 Minutes
  • Program with 405nm Blue, Red and NIR - 2 Minutes
  • HEALING-CIRCULATION Program, Red, NIR - 10 Minutes
  • Treat Peripheral Neuropathy and Renaud's Syndrome
  • Includes Goggles For Safe Acne Applications
Ultimate Handheld, list price: $479

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Dermillume Ultimate Handheld List Price: $479



Overall Dimensions: 6.75” x 3.25”
Light Opening: 6.00” x 2.65”
Light Coverage: 15.9 Sq Inches


Red Only For Rosacea @ 2 minutes
Red/NIR For Anti-Aging @ 2 min.
ALL(Blue/Red) For Acne @ 2min.
Red/NIR for Healing @ 15 minutes

Dermillume Ultimate Handheld List Price: $349

136 Ultra Bright LEDs

  • 24 Blue @ 405nm Kills MRSA
  • 60 Red @ 660nm Heals Skin
  • 52 NIR @ 940nm for Circulation
405nm blue 660nm Red 940nm NIR All 136 LEDs
405nm Blue 660nm Red 940nm NIR All 136 LEDs

Dermillume Ultimate Handheld List Price: $349

The Dermillume
Multi-Panel Medical System

Therapeutically Brilliant!

Safe, simple and remarkably affordable, the new Dermillume™ Skin Rejuvenation System features four wrap-around panels that contain 1552 total LEDs for a new level of power and performance in non-invasive phototherapy.

Intuitive controls make the Dermillume™ Light System easy to operate. Settings are pre-programmed, with a large character display that clearly indicates time remaining during treatments. The sleek five drawer pedestal design provides convenient mobile storage for eye shields, topical preparations and supplies used in conjunctive aesthetic therapies.

  • Provides drug-free Red + Blue Acne Light therapy
  • A Blue-only option photoactivation program for medical acne treatments
  • A Red + Near-infra Red program to complement and accelerate your rejuvenation services
  • A Red + Amber program for Rosacea and to increase skin collagen and remove redness
  • Top Quality Instrument for Dermatologists and Medi-Spas
Light on face

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Dermillume Multi-Panel Medical System List Price: $7,250