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What is Precision Light Therapy

Light sufficiently intense for phototherapy is generated by lasers, LEDs or an older technology based on fluorescent tubes. (what is the difference?)

A figure taken from Shalita et al shows that the light generated from fluorescent tubes is very mixed.

There are several wavelengths in the blue range, as well as additional small components in the green-red ranges.

The UV range is not assessed in this figure.


We analyzed the output of a metal halide-coated fluorescent lamp, similar to ClearLight.

The spectrum shows that the blue light content in the FDA-accepted wavelength range of 405 – 420 nm is a small portion of the entire output - < 5%

The technology used to make metal-halide coated fluorescent tubes cannot produce uniform coatings. Therefore these devices vary tremendously in output and composition.


The technology used to make LEDs produces a very uniform product from batch to batch, so that every Dermillume Pro1000 will deliver the same wavelengths and intensities. Each device is measured to certify the output before release for use.

However, 100% of the output of Dermillume Pro1000 is focused into the two wavelengths known to kill acne bacteria (414 nm) or promote skin repair (660 nm).No other wavelengths are emitted

Similarly, 100% of the output of the Healing Red models is focused into two active wavelengths that pertain to anit-aging treatments.

Red light at 660 nm (left hand peak) stimulates skin cell growth and improves collagen networks.

Near Infrared light at 940 (right hand peak) expands capillaries causing better tissue oxygenation and improved access to nutrients, growth factors and the immune system.