Dermillume Precision Light Therapy

Powerful Medical Light Therapy For Your

Practice and Clients

Improve Your Current Skin Care Treatments with Dermillume Phototherapy

The Dermillume Multi-Panel Medical System

  • Provides drug-free Red + Blue Acne Light therapy
  • A Blue-only option photoactivation program for medical acne treatments
  • A Red + Near-infra Red program to complement and accelerate your rejuvenation services
  • A Red + Amber program for Rosacea and to increase skin collagen and remove redness
  • Top Quality Instrument for Dermatologists and Medi-Spas

Exceptionally easy to use, requires little training
FDA market approved technology

List Price: $7,250

Dermillume Offers Private Labeling and Custom Manufacturing of Phototherapy Devices Contact Tom Moody, President for details.

Protect Your Reputation - Dermillume Offers medically-proven, field tested light technology
No Voodoo Science here

Enquire about uses of the Salon Healing Red to improve wound healing, strengthen fragile skin and other medical uses.

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